Licensing Information for the SWATH Acquisition™ MicroApp in PeakView® Software

日付: 08/15/2018
カテゴリー: PeakView Software , SWATH Acquisition

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description

When viewing license information in the PeakView® software Help menu, the SWATH™ acquisition microapp shows in the plug-ins list, but not in the PeakView License Report screen. To view the licensing information for all PeakView plug-ins, select the Help menu and then select About. A screen will appear (see first image below), listing all additional licensed features for the PeakView software, and SWATH can be seen listed here. However, when the Licensing Information radio button is selected in the upper right-hand corner, SWATH is not listed in the Features list (see second image below), and the expiration date information cannot be viewed.

PeakView installed license list

SWATH missing from PeakView licensing list


While the expiration dates for the other PeakView feature licenses for ChemSpider and Bio Tool Kit can be found in the License Report screen, the expiry information for the SWATH MicroApp 1.0 does not appear here. To verify the expiration date of the SWATH license, open the license file (SwathProcessing.lic) located in the Program Files (C://Program Files/AB SCIEX/PeakView/bin). Open the SWATH license file with NotePad or Microsoft Word to determine if your SWATH license is permanent or not.