Grant Support Programs

Looking to add SCIEX technology to your lab? Need help crafting the instrument description for your grant application? SCIEX can help. Simply provide some basic information and we will connect you with the technical specialist at SCIEX who can help you build a successful grant application.

Academic Partnerships

SCIEX is your trusted partner in these endeavors. We are committed to the same goals and put the same dedication into our work to help you address your most significant research challenges. With SCIEX technologies, you can accelerate the pace of your research to identify key genes, proteins, lipids and metabolites in complex systems biology and then integrate your findings to gain comprehensive insight to further understand health and disease.

Academic labs are also the training grounds for new scientists and SCIEX wants you using the best available technology. For all of these reasons, SCIEX has established the Academic Partnership Program. SCIEX Academic Partnerships are comprised of a discount applied beyond the traditional academic discounting on new SCIEX LC-MS and CESI-MS systems.

*This program is valid in North America only.