Modifying a Report Template to Report Select Sample Types Using IF Statements

日付: 11/08/2019
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS , Analyst Software , MultiQuant Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


An IF statement can be added to limit the sample types that need to be output to a report from a results table created in Analyst® software, MultiQuant™ software or SCIEX OS software. Below are few examples of how to write an IF statement within the loops ForEachSample or ForEachAnalyte. 

  1. To report the sample types Standards and Quality Control, use the IF condition OR($Sample_Type='Standard',$Sample_Type='Quality Control')
  2. To report just the unknowns, use the IF condition EXACT($Sample_Type,'Unknown')
  3. To report an unknown sample with a particular sample ID (in this case Sample ID = M), use the IF condition AND($Sample_Type='Unknown',$Sample_ID='M')