Migrating an Analyst® Software Compound Library to Sciex OS Software

日付: 10/03/2019
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS , Analyst Software , LibraryView Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description

Structural and spectral information for individual compounds that are currently stored in an Analyst® software compound library (.mdb file) can be transferred to SCIEX OS software.


Open Sciex OS-Q software and navigate to the Library module. (The Sciex OS software Library mode is not available in Sciex OS-MQ software.)

Once the Library Importer screen is open, select Analyst Compound Database as the source. (Screenshots were taken from Sciex OS-Q 1.6.1 software on a PC with a Windows 10 operating system.)
library source type

Navigate to the Analyst Data folder and select the Analyst compound database file to migrate. (Note: the Analyst compound database can also possibly be located in other folders.)
User-added image
A list of all compounds in the library will appear, select the compounds you wish to import (All, None or some) and give the library a name in the lower left hand corner in the field next to Add to Compound Library where the box currently reads None. (Note: Giving the library a name is a critical step. While there are no set rules for the name of the library, it's best to keep the name simple to avoid errors.) 
User-added image

After the information is added, the entries to be imported will be highlighted yellow. Select Next. 

The results of the import will appear, and any conflicts with existing library databases will be highlighted. Select how you would like to resolve any conflicts and then select Finish.
User-added image

  • Merge All: New spectra, retention times and transitions will be added to the original compound/entries
  • Overwrite All: all original compound/entries will be deleted and replaced with the newly imported information
  • Keep All Original: No changes to be made, new information is ignored
After selecting Finish, a summary of the library import will appear. (Shown below is a successful import with no duplicates.)
User-added image

To verify that the compound library was successfully added to SCIEX OS software, navigate to the Analytics module, and select the option to build a new processing method. In the Library Search section of the processing method wizard, the newly created library will appear as an option under Libraries to Search (in this example, Analyst Library 2): 
User-added image

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