General SQL Installation Errors for SCIEX OS and LibraryView™ Software

日付: 05/23/2019
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS , LibraryView Software

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Issue Description

Installing any program with SQL-based software components (e.g., SCIEX OS and LibraryView™ software) requires that certain rules are observed. These rules are set by Microsoft, and are not covered in the release notes for the SCIEX software installation that includes the additional of SQL components.

For instance, during the installation of SCIEX OS software, an error message appeared, indicating that the LibraryView framework failed to install. To determine the root cause of the error, it was necessary to install the separate SQL components individually, without the use of the SCIEX OS installer.

It was determined that SQL cannot be installed on a machine where the computer name is the same as the username. In this case, the instrument was renamed to "MSLab1", and then that same designator was used for the computer name as well as the user name. Having the same computer name and Windows user name prevented SQL components and, therefore, SCIEX OS or LibraryView software from being installed. 

These SQL installation requirements are not well known, but they cannot be ignored when installing SCIEX OS or LibraryView software.   


To resolve the issue described above, the computer was renamed, and then the user was able to install the software. To rename the computer, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Open the Control Panel

Step 2. Click on System

Step 3. Click on Advanced System Settings

Step 4. Click on the Computer Name tab

Step 5. Where it says to rename this computer or change its domain or workgroup, select Change.

Step 6. Enter a new name for the computer that is anything other than your username. 

Step 7. Click OK

Step 8. Please try running the installer again