Resolving Hexadecimal Errors when Creating Reports in MultiQuant™ Software

日付: 05/24/2019
カテゴリー: MultiQuant Software

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Issue Description

The error "Incorrect Argument. Hexidecimal value 0x1F is an invalid character" is received when creating reports with MultiQuant™ software.


In this instance, the error was due to trailing spaces that were contained in the sample name that are not visible in the MultiQuant software results table. 

To view the spaces, open the data file (.wiff) in Analyst® software in the Explore mode and select the information icon. The trailing space in the name can be seen under File Info.

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To fix this error in the current batch, rename the sample in the MultiQuant results table. To prevent the error from happening in the future, ensure that there are no trailing spaces in the sample name on the Analyst software batch template.