Protocol for Downgrading SCIEX OS 1.4 to 1.3

日付: 07/02/2018
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


If downgrading from SCIEX OS 1.4 to 1.3 is required, follow the instructions below:
(1) Uninstall SCIEX OS 1.4.
(2) Uninstall LibraryView Framework 1.2.
(3) Uninstall ChronoLogic Driver Version 1.1.0 (required for SCIEX OS 1.4 and is not compatible with any other version of SCIEX OS currently).
(4) Remove C:\ProgramData\SCIEX. Note: Changes to settings for the Queue, Hardware Profiles, Security, Calibration Tables, Analytics Reporter Templates, and others will be lost as a result of this step.
(5) Rename (to backup) the D:\SCIEX OS Data\ folder (or whatever the Data Folder that was used with 1.4. The Data Folder structure changes between SCIEX OS 1.3 and 1.4, and as a result the 1.4 Data Folder may cause issues when running SCIEX OS 1.3).
(6) Install the ChronoLogic Driver Version 1.0.3 (required for SCIEX OS 1.3.1 and earlier versions of SCIEX OS).
(7) Install SCIEX OS 1.3 (using a ‘new data folder’).
(8) (Optional) Copy Projects from the original SCIEX OS Data folder to the ‘new data folder’ if needed.
(9) Restart the PC and begin using SCIEX OS 1.3.