Problem Uninstalling SCIEX OS Software Stems from Hidden SQL Driver

日付: 10/29/2019
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS

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Issue Description

When uninstalling SCIEX OS software, all associated software components must be uninstalled fully, including the SQL server programs. While removing the SQL 2008 R2 Setup program during a SCIEX OS software de-installation, an error was receivedindicating that the issue was due to the 2008 R2 RsFx driver.


The 2008 R2 RsFx driver is a "hidden" program and sometimes needs to be manually uninstalled using either the command prompt or regedit Windows functionalities.

Here are some links that describe this process: 

Users who are uninstalling the software must be logged in to Windows with administrator privileges, and they should ensure that there are no other SQL dependent software applications also installed on the same PC in question.