MultiQuant™ Software's Audit Trail and Security Feature Requires a Base and an Extension License

日付: 12/11/2017
カテゴリー: MultiQuant Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description

When installing MultiQuant™ software with the audit trail and security extension license, the license installs successfully, but MultiQuant software does not launch. Instead, a -5 error code appears and the error message displayed reads, "This feature is not licensed. It cannot be used."


The MultiQuant software audit trail and security extension license needs to be installed alongside the MultiQuant basic (or the MultiQuant basic with sMRM) license to launch the software successfully.

Prior to launching the software for the first time, the basic license should be saved to the desktop, and the extension license placed in the program files license folder (C:/Program Files/AB SCIEX/Licenses/MultiQuant). From the software activation screen, browse to the base license on the desktop. If the A&S feature was checked during MultiQuant software installation, the A&S license file will be automatically located by the software program.