Low Virtual Memory Warning

日付: 12/07/2016
カテゴリー: Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Issue Description 

Windows sets the initial minimum size of the paging file equal to the amount of random access memory (RAM) installed on your computer, and the maximum size equal to three times the amount of RAM installed on your computer. If you see warnings at these recommended levels, then increase the minimum and maximum sizes.


Go to Windows 7 Control Panel and Select ‘System’.  On the left hand panel select ‘Advanced System Settings’.

Under the Advanced tab Click ‘Settings’ button in the ‘Performance’ section.

On the Advanced Tab Click Change in the ‘Virtual Memory Section.

Uncheck x, Select the volume you need to set the size for (usually C:) and then select and set the custom size.

If requested  restart your computer.


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