Ion Ratios Are Not Calculated as Expected in MultiQuant™ Software

日付: 06/01/2018
カテゴリー: MultiQuant Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description

 Ion ratios were not being calculated correctly by MultiQuant™ software, and showing as much higher than anticipated.

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The ion ratio value was not showing correctly due to a blank sample being included as one of the calibrators. (In the example below, "Rinse" is the extra calibrator.) If this sample is to be left as a Standard sample type, the peaks that are noise will need to be removed (F4 key will do this). Otherwise, having these peaks integrated adds them into the ion ratio. Having the Rinse peaks identified as a Standard indicates they are part of the calibration curve.

The best option is to remove this sample from being identified as a Standard and change it to a Blank in the results table (.qsession). To correct this for furture injections, the sample type should also be updated in the Analyst quick quant method.
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