How Do You Set Up for Manual Tuning Using Tee Infusion?

日付: 10/13/2017
カテゴリー: Mass Spectrometers

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Before setting up your manual tuning method for source/gas optimization, your MS instrument must be set up for continuous infusion with high LC flow, where your standards loaded in a syringe are infused into your mobile phase at high flow through a tee connector; the mixture then flows into the source. (See picture below for an overview.)

Tee infusion overview

Prepare your standards solution at a reasonable concentration.
Pull the solution into the syringe and make sure that no air bubbles are left in the syringe.
Connect the tubing from the syringe and the autosampler to the source using the PEEK tee connector:
  1. Plumb the outlet of the autosampler into the bottom of the inlet of the tee connector.
  2. Then plumb the syringe needle into the side of the inlet of the tee connector.
  3. Lastly plumb the remaining PEEK tubing outlet to the steel union on the source.

tee infusion on a 6500
Put the syringe into the corresponding bracket on the syringe pump; Move the drive plate down by depressing the button on the side of the plate. Install the syringe in the pump, holding it in place with the wing and move the drive plate up until it just pushes on the syringe plunger. (Push the bracket into the correct position, safety stop for the syringe.)

Integrated syringe pump with syringe
Move the ion source’s vertical micrometer to a setting of 10. This may need to be done since the vertical micrometer on the source is moved further away from the orifice as the LC flow rate increases. (Note: as the LC flow rate increases the vertical micrometer value needs to be decreased.)

For non-integrated syringe pump, turn the syringe pump on.
For integrated syringe pumps, check the syringe pump settings and turn it on in through your Analyst® software method by clicking on the drop down menu for MS Method. Select Syringe Pump Method.

Start the HPLC pumps using an isocratic flow for a 50/50 mixture of mobile phase A and B. And then follow your training materials for information on how to do a source/gas optimization.

To order the three way PEEK tee connector from Idex:
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