How to print from XIC Manager in PeakView

日付: 09/04/2016
カテゴリー: Environmental Industrial , Food and Beverage , Forensics , Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures​

Here are a few options to allow printing of the PeakView® XIC Manager lists. Option 1. Hide all other panes besides the XIC Manager pane with the desired list. Go up to >File >Print >Print Pane (make sure printer setup in Landscape). While this feature includes all the colors in the XIC list if there are a lot of columns some of them may be cut-off using this printing option.

Option 2. In XIC Manager click the button >Save as HTML Report. When the created HTML report opens go up to >File >Print. This will print off a non-colored XIC list with all the details.