How to Add a new User into LibraryView™ Software

日付: 05/31/2017
カテゴリー: LibraryView Software

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Issue Description

If Windows user is not added to the Security Database of LibraryView™ Software, these Users can't open the Software.


How to add a new User in LibraryView 1.0.x

Open Software with User name and Windows Password, which install the Software. You will find the right User in the pull-down menu.
Normally, it is the Administrator User and its Windows Password.

User-added image

In the Software, click on the “Settings” Icon (looks like two gear wheels).

User-added image

Than chose “User” page and click on “Add User”

User-added image

Here you can select each User which is available on a Windows Domain.

User-added image

Then Click “OK”. You can now select the Role of this new User. Could be “Manager” or “Operator”.
Unlimited Users can be assigned to both the Manager role and the Operator role. However, the LibraryView™ Software requires that at least one User is assigned to the Manager role. By default, the first User to log in to the software is granted Manager Privileges. The role can be changed to the Operator role, if required, after another user is assigned to the Manager role. It is recommended that a System Administrator, or an individual familiar with networking, performs this procedure.  
Managers can define the following global settings:

  • Available regions and default source region

  • Authorized users and roles

Users can also view the name of the server identified during installation on the General tab.
Then click “Save”.
Next time you will open LibraryView, you can chose the new added user in the pull-down menu. Password will be the Windows Password of the User.
For more information use the Help Option in LibraryView under the Question Mark

User-added image


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