Adding a New Flagging Rule in the Analytics Workspace of Sciex OS Software

日付: 08/09/2019
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


To add a new flagging rule in the Analytics workspace of SCIEX OS software, follow these steps:
1.Open the Analytics workspace. Click Process Method and select New.
2. Select the Flagging Rules page and click Add Rule. Provide a Rule name (e.g., IS Recovery). The user can then select an option under the Flag a results column and Flagging criteria drop down menus.
3. In Step 1, define the values for the flagging criteria: 
(a) Select Standards, QC and Blanks, Select the option Ignore for the Treat N/A values as drop down menu.
(b) Type a value (e.g., 20) in the Value for all components field to signify the percentage difference from the mean to be flagged.

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4. For Step 2, under the options for Apply the value to the sample types, chose Unknown. In this case, only the unknown samples should be flagged.

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5. Click Accept changes and return to Flagging rules. The new rule (named IS Recovery in this case) should appear for user selection under the Flagging Rules.

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