How Do You Setup a Solenoid or Solvent Selection Valve on a Shimadzu LC?

日付: 11/22/2017
カテゴリー: Clinical

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The valve hardware for a FCV-11 AL valve should be setup as shown in the image below (Figure 1). Be sure that all input lines are connected to the appropriate mobile phase bottles. Note that in some cases the third set of lines (needle rinse) are not plumbed through.User-added image
Figure 1. Diagram of FCV-11 AL valve.

The solenoid valve must also be added to a Shimadzu LC system in the hardware configuration (typically by the service engineer). This can be viewed by selecting: Configure - Hardware Configuration - Edit Profile - Shimadzu LC Controller, and then select Setup Device - Configure. The window will appear as shown below in Figure 2. *Note that the Solenoid Valve may be assigned as part of either Pump A or Pump B.

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Figure 2. Configuring the hardware profile showing the solenoid valve associated with pump B.

Once the solenoid valve is within the hardware profile, it can be viewed within the LC portion of the method. As seen in Figure 3, mobile phase A assignments are made in the first position (with two options); in the second position, mobile phase B assignments can be made with two different options. Position 3 is often not plumbed through as this line is typically a needle rinse. It is best to look at the FCV-11AL valve and see if you have lines going in and out of position 3.
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Figure 3. Shimadzu LC method view

With the proper assignments made in the methods, the system should switch appropriately between the two sets of mobile phases. (The LED light will visibly change on the FCV box itself.) However, in cases where different mobile phases are being used between methods, it's important to inject several blanks (or solvent blanks) to ensure that all previous mobile phase has been replaced with new mobile phase.