Using an External Calibration Curve in SCIEX OS-MQ Software

日付: 03/17/2020
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


To use an external calibration curve with a results table created in SCIEX OS-MQ software:

  1. Create a results table that includes a range of standards for the analyte.
  2. After generating the calibration curve, navigate to the Options menu in the calibration curve pane and select Export calibration (and save results...). In the Save As dialog box, save the calibration curve information, noting where the exported calibration file (with file extension .mqcal) was saved.export curve cropped
  3. Next, build a new results table using a data set that does not contain calibration standards.
  4. To import the necessary calibration curve from the previous results table, navigate to the Options menu in the Calibration Curve pane, and select the Assign External Calibration option.
  5. Upload the previously created calibration curve (that was saved as a .mqcal file) to apply it to the current results table data.
  6. Once the mqcal file is imported, the Assign External Calibrations screen appears. For each current analyte, select the analyte from the imported calibration curve that should be used for the calibration. This is very useful when no authentic standard is available (see image below).
  7. Select OK and the external calibration will be applied.
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