Generating Excel Reports in Chemoview 2.0.2 Fails With Message Programmatic Access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted

日付: 06/02/2016
カテゴリー: Clinical , ChemoView Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description 

When creating excel reports using Chemoview 2.0.2 the report creation will fail and the message ‘Programmatic Access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted’ will be displayed in the report preview.


Access must be granted to the Visual Basic Project Object Model in excel following the procedure (shown with en-US Office 2010 but process the same for 2007):

  1. Open Excel And Click ‘File’ Then ‘Options’


  1. Select Trust Center and then Trust Center Settings….

  1. ‘Click Macro Settings’ and then check the ‘Trust access to the VBA project object model’ check box.


Press OK, OK, and then close Excel. Chemoview should now create reports correctly.