Flags or Custom Results Are Not Showing Correctly on a SCIEX OS Software Report

日付: 11/06/2020
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS

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Issue Description

If a query attached to a report template is used to calculate a custom value or to flag an outlier, then a mismatch of index can occur when internal standard values from a SCIEX OS software results table are used in the query. This mismatch causes the text for the reported values to appear bolded and in red, even when there is no reason for flagging these values. In the example shown here, the values in the Accuracy column should be black, and should only be shown in red when they are not within +/-20% of the actual concentration value.
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This phenomena is observed for results tables created in versions of SCIEX OS Software 1.6.1 or lower and has been fixed in versions of SCIEX OS software 1.7 or greater. An upgrade to most recent version of SCIEX OS software will resolve the issue. In the example shown below, the text for the accuracy values for Fentanyl 1 are corrected after upgrading to SCIEX OS software 2.0 and are now showing in black, not red.

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