Filtering Library Results for Compounds in MetabolitePilot™ Software

日付: 12/28/2018
カテゴリー: LibraryView Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Using the blue funnel icon in MetabolitePilot™ software in the top right of the Result Pane will help narrow the search results provided when evaluating information-dependent acquisition (IDA) data for possible compounds that correspond to potential metabolite.

MetabolitePilot filtering image

When there are many results, the blue funnel can be very useful in reducing the number of compounds appearing on the screen. Setting the function Peak Area From to higher than 0% and setting the function Overall Score Above to higher than 10% will help reduce the number of compounds showing in the search. These filters change what is displayed (Potential Metabolites: 13 of 528) but do not remove the peaks from the table itself. Re-adjusting these settings back to the original values always returns the table to the original number of compounds.