Considerations when Installing or Upgrading to Sciex OS 1.2

日付: 04/25/2017
カテゴリー: Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description

When upgrading to Sciex OS 1.2, software, the older Sciex OS components must be uninstalled first, including LibraryView Framework and older versions of the companion software. The installation order of the companion software for Sciex OS 1.2 is also important to consider during the upgrade.


Some considerations to when upgrading to Sciex OS 1.2:

1) An upgrade to Sciex OS 1.2 requires that Sciex OS 1.0 be uninstalled first. (Removal of Sciex OS 1.0 does not happen automatically with the upgrade to Sciex OS 1.2.)

2) If LibraryView™ software 1.1 was previously installed with Sciex OS 1.0, then it also must be uninstalled after Sciex OS 1.0 and LibraryView Framework version 1.1 are uninstalled, as well as any components for MasterView™ or BioPharmaView™. Once the older versions of these software types are uninstalled, Sciex OS 1.2 can then finally be installed.

3) The following companion software versions should be installed after Sciex OS 1.2 is installed: LibraryView 1.2, MasterView 1.3.1 and BioPharmaView™ 2.1.

4) The Sciex OS 1.2 installer includes LibraryView Framework 1.2, which will show in the list of installed programs as a separately installed program.  However, to access the LibraryView program, the application software for LibraryView 1.2 must also be also installed.