Column Name Conflict Error when Running MultiQuant™ Software Reports

日付: 12/14/2017
カテゴリー: MultiQuant Software

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Issue Description

The error message "The column name 'ion type' conflicts with an existing column" appears when running MultiQuant™ software reports. This occurs when the report uses a query, but gets interrupted midway through results processing, leaving several additional columns in the MultiQuant results table.
MultiQuant column name conflict error message


To override this error message, the MultiQuant results table must be recreated. Then run the report again, but ensure that the processing goes to completion. Any additional columns that were added to the results table by the query should disappear after the processing is complete.

Additionally, check the column settings to see if Ion_Type is selected as a Column Name. (Column Settings can be found if you right click on the results table.) If Ion_Type  is selected, deselect it and then rerun the report.

column settings for MultiQuant