Can I Use a Regular Expression (Regex) to Filter Data in SCIEX OS Software?

日付: 10/22/2020
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Yes, regular expressions (regexes) can be used to filter and report data in SCIEX OS software. The example below demonstrates how to use these custom expressions in a results table.

In this example, a results table created using TOF-MS data is displayed. The processing method used to create this table sum will sum several ions together and report out the sum, not each individual species added. 

User-added image

In the far left column select the Components tab, and then highlight All Components. Then in the results table in the column Component Name, select the funnel icon.

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Select Text Filters and then select Custom Filter... from the dropdown menu.

To create the custom filter, select the function to be used for the filter from the dropdown menu in the middle. Then select the data the function will be applied to from the drop down menu on the far right. Then select Add and OK. Once OK is selected, the filter is applied to the results table. 

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Once the filter is applied, the results table can be exported with the filter applied. See Can Regular Expressions for Data Filtering in SCIEX OS Software be Saved? for more information on how to export the regular expressions created in one results table and apply them to a new results table.