Adding a Flag or a Custom Flag Created in SCIEX OS Software to a Report

日付: 11/05/2020
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


After creating a new results table in SCIEX OS software, add the Outlier Reasons column in the quantitation method to the Input tab of a query. Then, in the AnalystCalculations tab of the query, use the search function to find the flag of interest. Have the Outlier Reasons column added to the query's Output tab, and then link the Outlier Reasons column to the report template using a custom tag. Ensure that the query itself is linked to the report template's meta tag. 

This example shows how to include the Ion Ratio 1 flag from the results table into a report as a custom column. 

The Outlier Reasons column in the SCIEX OS software results table contains a list of all the reasons why an particular analyte was flagged. 

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The Outlier Reasons column must then be added to Input tab of the query.

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In the AnalyteCalculation tab of the query, write a search function to look for the outlier reason Ion Ratio Custom in the Outlier Reasons column.

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Report this flag on the Output tab of the query and then link it to as a custom tag on the report template.