Access to Path Is Denied Error when Installing License

日付: 05/14/2018
カテゴリー: Software

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Issue Description

When installing a Sciex software license, an error message appears that says the license was not sucessfully installed and the access to the path C:\Program Files\AB Sciex\.... is denied.



This error message indicates that 1) the user doesn't have sufficient privileges to access the program files, or 2) the license file needs to be placed in correct location in the program files manually.

Log in to the computer with administrator privileges to obtain the necessary access to the program files or contact your IT department to lift any restrictions to file access.

Additionally, manually moving the license file directly into the same location as the *.exe file for the program may allow for the license to be installed successfully. Typically, the license file can be installed from the desktop without having to manually place the license file in any specific location, but occasionally this extra step is needed.