3200/4000 QTRAP® System Small Molecule Training (English 3 days)


Key Facts

Product Number: TRN00115
Course Outline



The 3200/4000 QTRAP® System Small Molecules Basic Operator Training is intended for new instrument operators. The course will cover various topics including triple quadrupole and QTRAP® System theory, Analyst® Software familiarization, instrument tuning and calibration, compound optimization, and quantitation. Emphasis is placed on optimizing small molecule compounds and building data acquisition methods for quantitative analysis on the LC/MS/MS system. It will also be demonstrated how to utilize the QTRAP® System scan functions for qualitative analysis and how to develop IDA methods for LC/MS and LC/MS/MS analysis. Please note that the training will be conducted on an MS platform slightly different than the one advertised, which in no way will compromise the course effectiveness.  Any content differences (however minor) will be explained by the course trainer.


  • December 20-22, 2016
  • January 17-19, 2017 
  • March 28-30, 2017