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費用 Free
所要時間 40 minutes
言語 English
タイプ Premium
コースレベル Intermediate

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Peptide quant series - 4. introduction to sample preparation techniques for protein targets



This is the 4th training module in Peptide Quant eLearning Series. After taking this training course, the user should be able to:

  • Understand the use of isotope labeled internal standard proteins and peptides and their use in each sample prep protocol
  • Understand basic principles behind size exclusion filtration methods
  • Identify different types of immunoaffinity captures methods, including depletion and enrichment strategies
  • Be able to apply generic protein precipitation and resolubilization protocols
  • Understand basic protein protease digestion methods for the cleavage of a protein target into peptides
  • Be able to calculate digestion efficiency and recovery of extraction preparation procedures.

Chapters: 1
Certificate Type: None
PACE Accreditation: No