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費用 Free
所要時間 40 minutes
言語 English
タイプ Premium
コースレベル Intermediate

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Analyst software - tune and calibrate



This course shows you how to use the Tune and calibrate mode in Analyst and Analyst MD software to verify and update resolution and calibration for triple quadrupole and QTRAP instrument systems. Topics included are:

  • Resolution optimization
  • Reviewing resolution peak spectra
  • Mass calibration from spectrum
  • Mass calibration report and the mass calibration result

Related instruments: 3200, 3200MD, 4000, 3500, 4500, 4500MD, 5500, 5500+, 6500, 6500+, Citrine systems

Related software: Analyst and Analyst MD software

Certificate type: Completion

PACE accreditation: None