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費用 Free
所要時間 10-20 minutes
言語 English
タイプ Premium
コースレベル Intermediate

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Data acquisition and processing using the Lipidyzer Platform



This course is comprised of 4 chapters that cover the data acquisition and processing workflow on the Lipidyzer TM Platform. It is intended that you view each of these chapters in the following sequence shown. You will achieve a certificate once you have successfully completed all four chapters of this course.

Chapter 1: Performance Tests teaches you how to run the performance tests for the Lipidyzer Platform in order to ensure that settings for each lipid class are correct and to verify that the instrument is performing to specification.
Chapter 2: Batch Generation teaches you how to register an internal kit and then create a Lipidyzer Workflow.
Chapter 3: Sample Extraction tells you how to create an internal standard superpool mix and complete a successful Bligh & Dyer Lipid extraction.  
Chapter 4: Results shows you how to view and report your results from your samples using the projects and batches functions in the Lipidomics software. 

Chapters: Four (4)
Certificate Type: Completion
PACE Accreditation: No