Software Accelerator Program|質量分析計・LC-MS/MSシステムのSCIEX

The Software Accelerator Program Gets You to the Latest Software, So Your Mass Spec Systems Run at Optimal Performance

The Software Accelerator Program helps you get on the latest and greatest software for your SCIEX LC-MS instrumentation. Software Accelerator is an ideal option if you want to spread your software upgrade costs across up to three years.

This offer is valid only for a limited time.

The Software Accelerator Program Difference

  • Bring your software up to date, so you can get the most from your SCIEX technology
  • Make payments on a flexible schedule with no interest--up to three years from the purchase date--to make upgrades more accessible to more labs
  • SCIEX support is available to help with your upgrade

Who Should Consider Software Accelerator Program?

Software Accelerator is ideal for organizations with limited budgets since you can spread your payments over a maximum of three years.

Consider a lab requiring multiple upgraded software licenses. This lab would have to pay a significant amount all at once to upgrade the software.

The Software Accelerator Program offers this lab the option to spread the cost of upgrades across up to three years, as well as providing upgrade support to ease the transition to newer software versions. The Software Accelerator program is the most cost-effective and flexible way to bring your SCIEX software up to date.

How Do I Purchase?

You can purchase Software Accelerator with a standalone Software Support Plan, or with software support as part of a bundled Hardware Service Plan.


How Do I Take Advantage of This Program?

Click More Information, and SCIEX will get in touch with you immediately.

My Software Works Fine. Why Should I Update My Software Now?

Updates contain important changes to improve the performance, stability and security of the applications you run. This includes hotfixes as well as point releases of the software. Installing them ensures that your software continues to run efficiently and your instrument performs as intended. Keep in mind that outdated software with unpatched flaws could impact your analysis.

Why Do I Need Software Upgrades?

Software upgrades allow you to upgrade your software program to the next major version. While your older software may seem to be functioning fine, the older your application, the more attention and support will be needed as new technology is deployed, upgraded and integrated in your lab. Upgraded software will streamline your process and help you to be more productive.

Can I Get the Latest Software Without Signing up for the Accelerator Program?

Yes, although you will be purchasing a new software license for the software, and will not have the benefit of transitional support or spreading your costs over time.