Why Won't LipidView™ Software Load My Analyst® Software (.wiff) Data Files?

日付: 06/11/2020
カテゴリー: Academia Omics , Pharma CRO , LipidView Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


In order to load Analyst® software data files (.wiff files) into LipidView™ software, either Analyst or Analyst TF software must be installed alongside LipidView. If the data files were acquired with Analyst software, then Analyst software must be installed with LipidView. If the data was acquired with Analyst TF software, then Analyst TF will need to be installed alongside LipidView software. For example, if the data file was acquired on a TripleQuad system with Analyst software, then the data-processing computer with LipidView software will need to have Analyst, not Analyst TF, software installed.

Requirements for installation of LipidView software (see Release Notes):

  • .NET framework 4.0 or higher.
  • Analyst software version 1.6 or higher or Analyst TF software version 1.5 or higher.
  • Microsoft Word 2003 or higher is needed to support reporting functionality.
  • Microsoft Access is not essential. However, it is required for customizing information in the lipid database.