Where Is the Data Stored from a Photo Diode Array (PDA) Interfaced wtih Analyst® Software?

日付: 07/09/2018
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


When using a Waters PDA interfaced with Analyst® software through an ADC connection, this data is stored in real-time into the Analyst software .wiff data file. This data file can be opened in Analyst, and the total wavelength chromatogram (TWC) will open underneath the total ion chromatogram (TIC) in the Explore mode in Analyst. The data file can also be opened and processed using PeakView® software.

SCIEX OS is not compatible with the Waters components, so PDA data cannot be acquired using the Waters PDA interfaced with SCIEX OS software. Additionally, the PDA must be connected and setup through the Waters LC software.