When I change integration in an Analyst® result table manually or automatically I always have to click apply and accept. Is there a possibility to make this process easier

日付: 11/15/2017
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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Situation: I always have to click “Apply” and “Accept”

The Audit Trail settings (Default Audit Map) in Analyst ® Software enforce that the changes in the integration - manual or automatic - have to be 'Applied' and/or 'Accepted'.


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Manual Integration (Default Audit Map):

After drawing the Baseline you need to press ‘Accept’ to transfer the new Peak Area Value into the Table.

Automatic Integration (Default Audit Map):

Changes in the Integration Parameters have to be ‘applied’ (make the changes visible in the Peak Review Pane) before you ‘Accept’ them (transfer the new peak areas to the table).



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Change setting from “Default Audit Map” to “No Audit Map” in your project and click “Apply”.


The change is only valid for newly created Result Tables – not for ones which already exist.

For new Result Tables in Analyst Quantitate you can transfer a new Integration Parameter in the Peak Review by clicking into another Parameter Field (no ‘Apply’ necessary). For updating the Table with the new value you will still need to ‘Accept’ the changes. For Manual Integration everything stays the same.

If you would like to have ‘No Audit Map’ as your Default Audit Map setting in all future Projects, you can change it in the Default Project.

Every Project which is freshly created will have this setting now.