Shimadzu 30AC Autosampler External Rinse Method Definitions in Analyst® Software

日付: 03/13/2018

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


On the Shimadzu 30AC autosampler, the external rinse function is used to flush the needle's exterior at the rinse port. This function moves the needle to the rinse port, and the rinse pump pushes a solution to the port to rinse the needle externally. The choices made for time and solvent options are very important and are determined by what may be coating the outside of the needle. Normally, the needle sits on one of the rinsing ports.

When building an LCMS acquisition method in Analyst® software, the rinse method definitions can be accessed through the Flow Channel Reference radio button under the Autosampler tab. The flow charts (below) have the definitions for rinse method settings, including the needle rinse time (when using a rinsing pump), rinse dip time, rinse volume, and rinse port liquid select. A good starting point is to follow an Analyst software default method.

Autosampler 1
Autosampler 2