Injection Error Dectected after Sample Start: Shimadzu LC Controller Device Fault

日付: 12/14/2017
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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If an injection error is detected after starting samples in the Analyst® software queue, and everything else seems fine with the LCMS system, the autosampler tray may not be pushed in correctly.

A typical scenario for an ill-seated autsampler tray is as follows: When starting the samples, the status lights in Analyst are green and indicate ready. At the time of sample submission and just after "Start Sample" is clicked in the queue, the indicator light next to the sample in the queue turns red. (LC status = red.)
If the red circle is clicked, an error message appears saying "Shimadzu LC controller device fault detected".

This error message results from hardware or software issues stemming from other devices associated with the Shimadzu LC controller.

One very common reason for this error message (but not the only reason) is that the sample tray in the autosampler was not pushed in properly or was placed in the autosampler housing incorrectly. This results in the Shimadzu auto sampler showing the following message: "L: None".

Correction: place the sample tray all the way back, so that the following message is seen: "L = 1.5 mL", for example.