Renaming Analyst® Software Data Files

日付: 10/18/2018
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description

Renaming an Analyst® software data file (.wiff and .wiff.scan) after forgetting to do so in the batch prevented the data file from being reopened later.


When using the Analyst software flat file format (both .wiff and wiff.scan files were available); the file names should match, and file extension names should be correctly listed as .wiff.scan on one file and .wiff on the other, larger data file. Once the file extension was changed to the correct .wiff.scan files extension, then normal operation resumed. 

In general, changing data file names in Analyst software is rarely necessary and not advised; however, sometimes it is desired. The following guidelines should be observed:

1. Any results tables created with the old file names are going to be unusable.

2. Any quantitation methods created with the old file names are likely also going to be unusable unless another representative sample is selected.  

3. When using the flat file format, you must have a wiff and a wiff.scan file in the same location. 

4. When using the flat file format, the name of the wiff and wiff.scan file MUST be EXACTLY the same and the use of special characters is limited. It is highly recommend that you name one file or the other and then copy and paste the file name to ensure this.