Resolving the Analyst® Software RackBuilder.exe Error Message: Failed To Open Database AutosamplerPoetDb

日付: 05/14/2020
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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To customize the display of autosampler plates in the batch files of Analyst® software, the RackBuilder.exe program in the Analyst Program Files can be run (C:\ProgramFiles\Analyst\bin\RackBuilder.exe). However, on occasion, when running the RackBuilder.exe, an error message is received: "Failed to open database AutosamplerPoetDb".

This error can be cleared by setting the Windows User Account Control (UAC) settings to level 4 (Never Notify) and then rebooting the computer.

To access the UAC settings, type UAC in the Windows search box in the lower left corner. When the User Account Control Settings screen appears, move the slider to Never notify and select OK.

Changing the UAC