How to remove unused template definitions from DiscoveryQuant 2.1.x

日付: 09/04/2016
カテゴリー: Pharma CRO , DiscoveryQuant Software

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The Template List drop down can contain large numbers of templates which are no longer used.  To remove them from the list involves changing entries directly in the Local database.  To complete this action you must have Microsoft Access installed on the system.  If you do not have MS Access on the system you can take a copy of the database and edit on another system.  In the following example we are going to remove ‘Test 2’ from this list of experiments.

  1. Ensure DiscoveryQuant is closed.
  2. Take a Backup copy of C:\DiscoveryQuant\Analyze\DiscoveryQuant-Analyze21.mdb and keep it safe somewhere.
  3. Using Microsoft Access Open the DiscoveryQuant-Analyze21.mdb.
  4. If prompted click the Button in the yellow bar for ‘Enable Content’.
  5. In the list of tables on the left Double Click the table named ‘DQA_Templates’
  6. Use the filter on the top of the ‘Name’ column to select only the experiment(s) you wish to remove (In this case ‘Test 2’)

  1. Highlight the row(s) you wish to remove by clicking at the left side of the row

  1. Click the Delete button in the Home > Records section of the Ribbon.

  1. Answer Yes to the deletion warning.

  1. Close the database answering yes to any save prompts which appear.
  2. Re-open DiscoveryQuant and you will see that ‘Test 2’ is no longer shown in the list of Templates.