Plotting 32Karat Software Data Files that Have Been Exported as ASCII Files into Excel

日付: 04/22/2019
カテゴリー: PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Plotting ASCII files into Excel

Open the ASCII file in Excel:
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Insert 3 new columns (A, B and C):
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Fill out columns A, B and C as follows:

Columns A and B - For the x-axis:

Column A14 = value in column E12 (X axis multiplier)
Value in A15 = value in A14 + 0.016667
Value in A16 = value in A15 + 0.016667, etc. until you have 3601 data points (or total number of data points in E9 which depends on the data rate the data was recorded at and the analysis time)

Then because the data was recorded at a frequency of 2 Hz, you need to divide values from column A by 2 (divide by 4 if data rate was 4 Hz, etc.):
Value in B14 = Value in A14/2
Value in B15 = Value in A15/2, etc. until you have 3601 data points

Column C - For the y-axis:

The values in column D are the y-axis value and to get the values in AU as shown in your electropherograms in 32Karat:
Value in C14 = Value in D14 * value in E13 (Y axis multiplier)
Value in C15 = Value in D15 * value in E13, etc. until you have 3601 data points

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Once you have all the data calculated, you can plot the results using the scatter plot with smooth lines chart for example (column B is for the x-axis (minutes), column C is for the y-axis (AU)).

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