How Many Vials of Each iTRAQ® Reagent Are in the Multiplex Kit?

日付: 02/26/2018
カテゴリー: Academia Omics , Pharma CRO , iTRAQ Reagent

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


iTRAQ® Reagents Multiplex Kit (part number 4352135)
Contains iTRAQ reagents 114, 115, 116, 117 (4plex) and the appropriate buffers and reagents for 10 two-plex, 6 three-plex, or 5 four-plex assays. Trypsin (10-pk) is sold separately. Each individual 1-unit reagent tube has the capacity to label up to 100 µg of protein digest. (Note: it is recommended that 50 µg of protein digest is used for plasma and serum.) The kit contains the following iTRAQ reagent labels:  5 vials of 114, 5 vial of 115, 5 vials of 116, and 5 vials of 117. 
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