How Do You Select Root Directory for a Workgroup in Analyst® Software 1.6.3?

日付: 09/11/2017
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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Issue Description

When logging into Analyst® software, the user is prompted to choose a root directory and receives the following message:
Please make sure you have the proper access rights and the root directory does exist. Please select the root.
Root directory does not exist error message


This is not a local profile issue, nor is it an Analyst Admin Console (AAC) credential issue. By removing the workstation from the workgroup in AAC 3.0 and adding it back to said workgroup, the user credentials start working again, and the user is able to find the root directory correctly. 

For further information on setting up root directories and workgroups with the AAC, please consult the Laboratory Director's Guide for Analyst 1.6.3 found in the following path: Program Files (x86)/Analyst/Help/Software Guides.