Installing ProteinPilot™ 4.5 and 5.0.x Software on the Same PC

日付: 05/13/2020
カテゴリー: ProteinPilot Software

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With the new ProteinPilot™ Software 5.0.x, substantial additions and improvements have been made to the structure of the .group results file so there are now three new levels of grouping: 1) LCMS feature, 2) peptide features, and 3) protein features. This has required that major changes be made to the results format.

Many elements of the older ProteinPilot software files (versions 4.5 and older) cannot be mapped onto the new user interface elements in versons 5.0.x, such as the Features tab and the peptide grouping features such as Peptide Locus and Remove Redundancy. As a result, the ProteinPilot software versions 5.0.x are not backward compatible and cannot read group files from previous versions of ProteinPilot software.

For software users who need to view the older group files, maintaining a separate computer with ProteinPilot software 4.0 installed is the recommended best approach. Alternatively, both versions, 5.0.x and an older version, can be installed on the same computer, but this is an unsupported configuration. Below are the instructions to manually set-up this side-by-side installation.

Note: the software must be installed on a Win7 64 bit computer.


  1. Install the older version of ProteinPilot software.
  2. Navigate to Program Files and make a copy of the ProteinPilot program folder.  Name the copy any name other than ProteinPilot (e.g., ProteinPilot4).
  3. Uninstall (through add-remove programs in the Control Panel) the older version of ProteinPilot. The copy just made of the ProteinPilot folder from the program files will not be removed.
  4. Restart your PC and install the Microsoft Visual C++ X64 Redistributable 10.0.40219 fromProteinPilot5.0/Setup/ISSetupPrerequisites. Restart you PC.
  5. Install the new version of ProteinPilot software 5.0. Both versions are now installed
  6. Create a shortcut to the old ProteinPilot software on your desktop if you want, or just launch it directly from the old folder.

Note: Both software versions cannot be running at the same time, but both versions of the software are installed and fully operational on the same system.

When its time to remove the old version, navigate to Program Files and delete the copied instance of the folder.