How can I convert .wiff to NetCDF format

日付: 10/02/2015
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


This process can be used to convert Quadrupole & QTRAP .wiff files into the generic .NetCDF format.  It cannot be used for accurate mass / ToF data.

  1. Locate and open Translat package.

Using a PC with Analyst software installed locate the Translat.exe.  Standard location is:

<Analyst Install Directory>\bin\Translat.exe

  1. Double click on the file to run the Translat software.

  1. In the ‘Please choose the type of translation you wish to do:’ dropdown Select NetCDF <-> WIFF and click Next >.

  1. Select WIFF to NetCDF and click Next >.
  2. The Analyst Root Directory is completed automatically according to your system settings but you should select the project which contains your WIFF file using the ‘Project:’ dropdown.

Note: Translat will only find WIFF files contained within the Data folder of your project so if you are copying WIFF files from another location they must be placed in the Data directory of the project.  This will also cause an issue if subprojects are used.

  1. Select the WIFF file you wish to convert in the left hand side ‘WIFF Files:’ Listbox, then use the >> button to add the file to the ‘Files to be translated:’ listbox.  Once completed press Next>.

  1. Use the Left Tree View to select a directory where the NetCDF files will be placed once they are translated and when necessary use the right listbox to rename to output NetCDF files using the rename button.  Once you have completed the assignment of the Filenames and locations press Next >.

  1. Click the Translate button to begin the conversion process.

Once the process is complete a log showing the files which have been created will be shown on the screen and the translating status will show end.