Sample VB Code for Hours of Instrument Usage Information from Analyst® Software Audit Trail

日付: 05/31/2018
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Information about the hours of instrument usage can be obtained from the Analyst® software Audit Trail.

The Audit Trail data can be retrieved using IQuantAuditTrail interface methods NumEntries & GetEntry (see example below).
A Sample of VB Code:
Public Class Form1
Dim m_analyst As Analyst.Application ' main application object  Dim m_quantAuditTrail As QuantAuditTrailLib.IQuantAuditTrail ' Audit Trail object  Dim m_IRTContents As QuantRTLib.IRTContents 'Results Table RT Contents object
Private Sub GetAuditTrailData_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles GetAuditTrailData.Click  Dim numEntries As Long = 0 ' No of Audit trail entries  Dim strUserName As String = "" ' User Name  Dim lDateTime As Long ' Date Time  Dim strChangeType As String = "" ' Change Type  Dim strReason As String = "" ' Reason  Dim strDetails As String = "" ' Details
 m_analyst = GetObject(, "Analyst.Application")
 'Active control (Open the Results table in Analyst)  m_IRTContents = m_analyst.ActiveControl
 ' Audit trail data pointer
 m_quantAuditTrail = m_IRTContents.GetAuditTrail
 ' No of entries in Audit Trail
 numEntries = m_quantAuditTrail.NumEntries
' Loop through the entries to retrieve UserName, DateTime, ChangeType, Reason and Details  For lIdx As Integer = 1 To numEntries Call m_quantAuditTrail.GetEntry(lIdx, strUserName, lDateTime, strChangeType, strReason, strDetails)
MessageBox.Show("User Name : " + strUserName + ", DateTime : " + lDateTime.ToString() + ", ChangeType :" + strChangeType + ", Reason :" + strReason + ", Details :" + strDetails)  Next
Catch ex As Exception
 End Try
 End Sub
End Class