Exporting PDA data from 32Karat into ASCII or AIA (.CDF) files

日付: 04/05/2019
カテゴリー: PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Exporting PDA data from 32Karat into ASCII or AIA (.CDF) files

The order of channel and data information in an exported ASCII file is as follows: 

 All detector channels used in order 
 Peak Detect 
 Scan Data 
 Multi-Chromatogram data in PDA options in order of listing 
 Spectrum Max Plot Data 
 Time Program Separation Data 
 Auxilliary data for voltage, current, power (whichever is being used)
So when selecting the export option in the method, you will have to specify which channel you want to export.  Follow the steps below:

A. Under Method, select Advanced:

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B. In the new window, select “Export Enabled” (1),  “Electropherograms” (2),  “ASCII” or “AIA” files (3), then click on the green arrow to move it to the “Exported parameter” box (4).  The “Field Separator” should be set as “Tab”, and the folder for exported files selected (5):

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C.  Please note at the top of this window that this export window is for the 220 nm wavelength only.  If you wish to export other wavelengths, please select the desired one in the software selection tab:
e.g. at 254 nm (selection 2)
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e.g. at the wavelength select in the “PDA Mixed View” (selection 6)

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For each wavelength selected, you will need to go into the export tab and select the export option as described in sections A and B.

D. Save the method.

E. If you want to export the data files after each run:
- Go to Method, Properties, then under the Option Tab,  make sure to select: “Analyze after Acquisition”:

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If you want to export only selected files:

- Create a separate method file to export the data (that will have the Export Enabled option selected).
- Open the data file you want to export, then click “Analyze” under “Analysis”.  The data will be exported to the export folder you selected.