DiscoveryQuant Quicktune DP 0 DP Scan Problem

日付: 10/01/2015
カテゴリー: Pharma CRO , DiscoveryQuant Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description 

Using DiscoveryQuant 2.1.3 Quick Tune will set the DP value to 0 and then Fine Tune will fail as it has an invalid DP value.  The temporary Q3 MI scan method for the quicktune will show the MH+ ion with 2 DP scans both at 200v (though this voltage may vary).  The cause is incorrect DP settings in the parameter settings for the instrument.


  1. Close DiscoveryQuant Software
  2. Deactivate Hardware Profile in Analyst
  3. In Analyst parameter settings  (Tools->Settings->Parameter Settings) Declustering Potential

  1. Double Click to bring up the details window

  1. Ensure that the values for each scan type are set to the following values
    1. Q1+ Scan:0 to 300 V
    2. Q3+ Scan:0 to 300 V
    3. MS/MS+ Scan0 to 300 V
    4. Q1- Scan:-300 to 0 V
    5. Q3- Scan:-300 to 0 V
    6. MS/MS- Scan-300 to 0 V

  1. Activate the Hardware Profile
  2. Launch DiscoveryQuant.
  3. Open parameters setting and ensure correct values are in place.
  4. Run a test tune to ensure DP experiments are run correctly.