DiscoveryQuant Cannot set spectrum for experiment X

日付: 10/01/2015
カテゴリー: Pharma CRO , DiscoveryQuant Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description 

DiscoveryQuant Optimize will not complete optimization with the error message ‘Cannot set spectrum for experiment’ followed by a number, which can be any one of your scan functions.


This error is caused by insufficient scans for DiscoveryQuant to build a profile when processing the data.  Remedy is to increase the number of datapoints in the experiment by either:

  1. Increase scan speed
  2. Decrease number of experiments (usually decreasing CE experiments for quick tune is a good idea as it is re-optimised in fine tune)
  3. Decrease Lower mass range (small effect but may get you 1 extra scan)