Crashing on Windows 7 when in ExploreQuantitate Mode AB Sciex Analyst has stopped working

日付: 10/01/2015
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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Issue Description 

When using Analyst versions 1.6.x with Windows 7 Operating System Analyst will stop with the message  ‘AB Sciex Analyst has stopped working’.  This will usually happen when the mouse cursor is moved across the chromatogram pane.

The following event will be seen Application Log in the event viewer

Faulting application name:Analyst.exe

Faulting module name:ntdll.dll


In order to resolve the windows theme must be set to an ‘Aero’ theme.  Analyst 1.6.x must have Aero enabled to work on a Windows 7 platform.  In order to change the theme:

  1. Right Click on the Desktop and select Personalize

  1. Select a Theme in the ‘Aero Themes’ section (usually ‘Windows 7’ is a good one to choose)

  1. Your screen should say ‘Please Wait’ in a box on the centre of the screen.  Then once completed you should notice some visual styles will change (the toolbar at the bottom of the screen becomes translucent)


Often within corporate operating environments the windows theme is set by a ‘Group Policy’.  This means that theme is defined centrally by the network administrators and will be reset each time the computer is rebooted.  If this is the case please ask your network administrators to exclude any Analyst workstations from theme changes.