Coolant leak troubleshooting tips

日付: 04/05/2019
カテゴリー: PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

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Coolant leak troubleshooting
There are a few things users can check to troubleshoot and determine where the leak is coming from:
- Check that the quad rings (red O-rings that sit on top of the interface block, where the capillary cartridge sits on) are securely in place and not worn.  There should be 2 quad rings and I would suggest to remove them, inspect them and put them back in place if they look fine.  They should sit in the grooves and flat.  These O-rings make a seal with the capillary cartridge for the coolant flow.
- Inspect the cartridge and make sure it is not cracked (especially around the tubing connections).
- Install the Opcal cartridge (this is a blank cartridge with no capillary that is used for troubleshooting purposes and users should have one in their lab), refill the coolant to the mark, and let the instrument sit idle  for a few hours.  Come back and see if the level has gone down.
If it has, the problem is likely coming from a crack in the reservoir (or the interface block) which would require to have our engineer come in and replace the part.