Can I Change the Sorting Order for Project Folders in Analyst® Software?

日付: 10/30/2020
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Analyst® software does not have not have internal sorting logic. When sorting projects under the Project Bar of Analyst software, Microsoft functions must be used.

In the Analyst software code, the FindFirstFile and FindNextFile API functions are used to retrieve the files from the directory. The order in which these file names are returned is dependent on the computer's file system type. With the NTFS and CDFS file systems, the names are usually returned in alphabetical order. With FAT file systems, the names are usually returned in the order the files were written to the disk, which may or may not be in alphabetical order.

The file system type (in Win 7) for a PC can be found in the following steps:  Go to Computer, and right-click on the drive you wish to examine, and select Properties from the menu. The > General tab shows the file system.